Tuesday 20140429 Open Class

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Cold Steel 14 Award ceremony

Cold Steel Challenge Team TOTACFIT was 3rd in the Large Team Division (out of 22 teams).In the photo: (L-R) IT2 Homar Sanchez, SSgt Bryan Holm, SSgt Cheryl Holm, CSM Patrick Alston, Admiral Haney (CDR USSTRATCOM), LCDR Brian Haggerty, LCDR Tony Hyde, LCDR James Lomax, CDR Bruce Webb, Mr.James Zemoel.Not in the photo: MSgt Dave LeClaire, LCDR Kevin Rooney, MSgt Robert Anthony, SSgt Jeff Hart, Mr. John Palumbo, Ms. Angie Hobbs, A1C Haylle Lawrence, Mr. Chris Daniels.Team Offutt Tactical Fitness continues to contribute to the culture of fitness and resilience of the Offutt Community.



Push Press 5×5 add 30%  to Press weight from 20 Apr

Set starts every 90 seconds

Post weight to comments/ LogWOD



20 Minute AMRAP:

10 Knee-to-Elbow

20 Alternating KettleBell Snatch (1.5/5)

30 Double Unders

Post rounds to comments/ LogWOD



Video courtesy of CP24G.

Pendley Rows

3×10 at Heavy Weight


Homework (done on your own outside of class):

Bully stretch – 2 min per side

Banded hip stretch – 2 min per side


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