Thursday 20140424 Open Class

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kasperbauer libby

Pics courtesy of Rogue Fitness and

It’s official, Rogue athlete and multi time Games competitor (# 3 in 2012) Kyle Kasperbauer and Gaspari Nutrition athlete and multi time Games competitor Libby Dibiase are both down to be Guest MCs for the Summer Showdown.




Beginner: Dead Lift 1×5, 1×5 + @ 75% 1RM
Intermediate: Find Dead Lift 5RM
15 minute time cap

Beginners = 1 year or less CrossFit experience

Intermediate = over a year CrossFit experience

Post weight to comments/ LogWOD


*The + on the second set of. 5 means, you will at least do five reps but once you hit 5 you keep going until you can’t. Push yourself but don’t lose form. If your back is rounded and you’re shooting your butt in the air at the start of the lift, you should have stopped a rep or two ago.



10 min Mobility Work
10 min Pistol Work

 Ankle mobility, the 1:43 mark to the end. Video courtesy of  77 Fitness and Performance.

Hip mobility, 3 min per side per move. Video courtesy of Kelly Starrett.

Pistol work. Video courtesy of SergioFact.









USA-Weightlifting Sport and Performance certification – May 3 & 4

TACTFIT Summer Showdown – June 14th


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