Monday 20140331 Open Class

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The Friday Night Lights crew finishing up 14.5 and the end of The Open. From left to right; Kory Kearney, Rodney Rodriguez, Kyle Gundrum, Jeff Hart, Homar Sanchez, Dave LeClaire, Kimberly Groeper, and Mimi Smith-Munroe.


So, we’ve all just finished five hard weeks of work with the CrossFit Open.  Therefore, we will take this week as a de-load week.  Does that mean stay home, and do absolutely nothing?  Hell no!  We will still put our bodies through the paces, but the intensity will be dialed down a slight bit.  Your focus this week will be on perfect reps each workout.  Don’t try to zoom through any of these WODs, rather feel the muscles working.  Go from point A to point B the proper way.  Don’t sacrifice form.  Get that mind-muscle memory prepped for what is coming next week….



Handstand walk:
3 attempts max distance

Post distance to comments/ LogWOD


Video courtesy of Dogtown CrossFit. Dusty Highland and Kelly Pearsall going over some progressions.



If you don’t have Handstand Walks, DO NOT skip this one.  We have some drills that will get you that much closer to getting there.  It’s all about the progression.



Empty Bar (45/35) Tabata…
Back Squat
Push Press
Hang Power Clean

Score = Lowest rep round per move

Post score to comments/ LogWOD


Xtra Work:

Dumbbell Bench 3 X 20

Find a weight you can handle for the 20 reps. You should feel you have enough in the tank for 22


Homework (done on your own outside of class):

Down Dog on Wall

Around the World on Wall

Wide Leg forward Bend with Shoulder Stretch


Pictures courtesy of


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