Wednesday 20140312 Open Class

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Coach Dave and Coach John at Friday Night Lights hosted by CrossFit Artis last week. Pictures courtesy of Chris Baldwin. Don’t forget, 14.3 Friday Night Lights this Friday @ 2000 in the TactFit area.  Even if you don’t want to do the WOD, come cheer on and hang out with your fellow athletes!


8min to find Snatch High Pull 2RM


Last time we did a 2RM on Snatch High Pull was 18 Feb (Click here for a refresher).  That day, the time limit was higher.  What does that mean for today?  It means with having less time, you need to be smart with your sets.  Make the most of the time.  Don’t do too huge of weight jumps, but don’t do so small that you run out of time before you hit your desired weight.

Post weight to comments/ LogWOD




For the one-arm Kettlebell Snatch, place your feet, shoulder width apart with your toes slightly turned out. Grab the kettle bell with one arm. As you begin to swing the kettle bell use your hips to create vertical speed on the bell. As you open your hips fully, pull the kettle bell up and punch up to a vertical position with your arm locked out over head. Return the bell to the bottom of the swing to alternate hands. Video courtesy of Reebok CrossFit One.

For Time:


Alternating one-arm Kettlebell Snatch* (1.5/1)

Chest to Deck Push-ups


Post time to comments/ LogWOD

*Alternate between hands on the KB snatches.  Rep count per round is total snatches, not per arm.



Xtra Work:

Weighted KB Sit-ups

3x 10 As Heavy as Possible

Try to use the same KB you used for the WOD…if it is too light…go up.



Homework (done on your own outside of class):

Gut smash


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