Tuesday 20140311 Open Class

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Carly Costello, Derrick Drennan, and Colin Bracus just completed the level one seminar at CrossFit Omaha this last weekend. Great job guys! 


Toes through rings is a longer movement but is actually easier than toes to bar. The reason is the rings allow for a bigger back swing. Use that swing to your advantage, but scale accordingly. Video courtesy of CrossFit Colosseum.

Partner WOD


Partner 1: Dumbbell Complex; 4 Lunges / 4 Deadlift/ 4 Power Clean & Press

Partner 2: 6 Strict Pull-ups/ 6 Toes through rings

Switch once both are complete with single round

Weight by feel (30lbs to 60lbs/10-40lbs females)

Partners will be working at the same time, but only on the movements for each part. If you finish before your partner, you get to rest until you and your partner are ready to switch.

Post time to comments/ LogWOD



Xtra Work:

3 sets of Max Reps False Grip Ring Pull-ups

(Focus on keeping that false grip and pull as high as possible)

While resting do 10 hollow-rock to pistols per leg



Homework (done on your own outside of class):

Back Extension on GHD – 3×15


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