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Tuesday 20130326 Open Workout

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Day 54 of the 100-Day Burpee Challenge!


small_baby_deadliftPic courtesy of Valiant CrossFit

Dead Lift – 20 minutes to set 2RM


Last time we did this was 17July2012, click here to refresh you memory.

Post weight to Comments/LogWOD

Take the time to get some good warm up sets in.  You have 20 minutes, don’t rush, but also don’t waste time.  Keep building up to that heavy weight you want to shoot for.  Don’t wait too long in between to where your body starts to cool down.  Once you are pulling sets of 4 to 2 reps, your rest should be no longer than 120 seconds.



Tabata Mash:
-Ring Push ups
-Air Squats

Go 20 sec one movement, 10 second pause, 20 seconds on 2nd movement.  This pattern continues until you get through 8 rounds per movement.

Score = total reps.  Post score to Comments/LogWOD

For ring push ups, rings must make contact with the shoulder/chest area and you must get full lock out at the top for the rep to count.

For Air Squats, at the bottom, crease of the hip must finish below the knee, and at the top you must fully lock out the knees and hips with torso upright.

Cash Out:

-Banded wall groin stretch x 2 min

Video courtesy of Mobility WOD.  Watch from the 40 second mark to the 2:40 mark.

-Banded pec stretch 1 min per side

Firebreather Piece (Done after class):

-Muscle Snatch + Power Snatch  Complex 6×1+1 @ 75% of 1RM for Snatch

-Sand Bag Get-ups 3×10 @ 32/24KG

Video courtesy of  Think of this as a Turkish Get Up, but instead of holding the weight in your hand, it will rest on your shoulder.