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Friday 20130322 Open Workout

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Don’t forget, for those who haven’t done 13.3, we will have our Friday Night Lights session tonight at 1930.  Be there!

Day 50 of the 100-Day Burpee Challenge!

Good luck getting to the ground after yesterday….


Bench Press  8×3 @ 65% + Chains (or bands)

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By Benching against Chains, you will be accomodating resistance. In other words, as you lower the bar the weight in your hands will get lighter (as the heavy chain ends up on the floor). And as you press the bar back to lockout the weight in your hands will get heavier (as the heavy chains come off the floor).

Benching with Chains will help you to build starting strength (off the chest) AND lockout power. The chains will cause you to develop speed and power.

Chains can be used for speed work, max effort work and repetition work.

Play around with both chains or bands today to feel the increased weight as you go up.  This is meant to force you to explode up with the bench press.


Every Minute On the Minute for 10min:
-5 Chest Tap Push ups
-20 Double Unders

If you are unable to finish the DU’s by the end of the minute, stop on whatever rep you were on and start the chest slap push ups for the next minute.  Whatever reps in the DUs were missed means your score will be lower than if you got them all.

Post total successful reps to Comments/LogWOD


Video courtesy of COGIathletic.  For the chest slap push up, as you come up into your pushup, increase speed to get airborne, and slap the chest.

Cash Out:

-Partner Pec Stretch

Video courtesy of Expert Village.

-Roll out calves 2 min per leg

Firebreather Piece (Done after class):


Ben and Will

What happens when you send a few of our TactFit coaches up into the mountains?