How’s the summer going for you?

Posted: June 17, 2018 by TOTF in Uncategorized

So, we are two full weeks into the summer.  Hopefully you have been enjoying the programming so far.  If not, well, it’s going to get even more fun.

18 June

Every minute on the minute until you cannot finish rep scheme in the allotted time (Max 21 minutes)

– 5 Snatch grip Deadlifts 100/70lbs

– 5 hang Power Snatches 100/70lbs

– 5 Over Head Squats 100/70lbs

** If you fail a minute – Rest the next minute and start again.


19 June

5 Rounds for time:

Row 500m

DB Bench Press 65’s/45’slbs 15 Reps


20 June

3 5-minute rounds for max reps at each station:

From 0:00-2:00, run 200 meters then double-unders

From 2:00-3:00, Push Press 95/65lbs

From 3:00-4:00, pull-ups

From 4:00-5:00, 95/65lbs hang squat cleans


21 June

For Time

21 Thrusters 95/65lbs

21 Calories Row

21 Burpees

18 Thrusters 95/65lbs

18 Calories Row

18 Burpees

15 Calorie Row

15 Thrusters 95/65lbs

15 Burpees


22 June

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 For Time of:

135/95lbs Deadlifts

135/95lbs Clean

135/95lbs Push Jerk

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