Archive for April 22, 2018

Last week of April.  Be ready for some big changes next month.  It looks like a wild ride!

23 Apr 18

S/S/S: Back Squat 5-5-5+

WOD: Elizabeth



Ring Dip

24 Apr 18

S/S/S: Double Under Practice (just in case you didn’t get enough last Tuesday)



Abmat Sit-up

Double Unders


25 Apr 18

S/S/S: Press 5-5-5+

Double KB Swing

Double KB Clean

Double KB Press  no verbal instruction but can see the form to be executed.

Double Kettlebell instruction


20 Double KB Swings

15 Double KB Clean

10 Double KB Press


26 Apr 18

S/S/S: Bench 3-3-3-3-3

Increase weight each set if form dictates

WOD: Every 30 seconds for 10 Minutes

1 Power Snatch

1 Ball Slam

*if you do not make reps within 30 seconds – finish the round you are working on and wait until next round to restart.

27 Apr 18

S/S/S: Front Squat 5-5-5+

WOD: 5 Rounds

400m Run

90 second rest between rounds (6 minutes)