Tuesday 20140318 Open Class

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TOTF will be hosting a USA Weightlifting Seminar at the Offutt Field House on May 3rd- 4th. Cost is $495, and is open to all athletes and coaches while slots are are still available. Information and registration can be found here.  



False grip is key for getting a muscle up- it allows you to pull-up and push-up, it also shortens the distance during the transition. Keep the rings in tight to your body, and really explosive hips.  Video courtesy of Jason Khalipa.

18Min AMRAP:

2 Muscle Up (bar or rings)

4 Power Cleans @ Body Weight

8 Jumping Jacks

16 DU’s

For a longer AMRAP like this, you want to pace yourself. Don’t start out fast and burn out. You want to be able to keep moving the entire 18 minutes.

Post rounds to comments/ LogWOD


Xtra- Work:

L-Sit off a pair of boxes

3 sets for time


Homework (done on your own outside of class):

Pick 2 drills from the K-Star posters or online and dedicate some time to learning them


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