New Years Day WOD

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New Year 2014Pic courtesy of CrossFit Colossus


HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Come in at 1000 for our New Year’s WOD!




12 Days of Barbell WOD – (use 95/65 for all moves)

1 – Dead Lift

2  – Hang Power Cleans

3 – Front Squats

4 – Shoulder Presses

5 – Back Squats

6 – Push Presses

7 – Thrusters

8 – Squat Cleans

9 – Push Jerks

10 – Hang Power Snatches

11 – Overhead Squats

12 – Sumo Deadlift High Pulls




Thank you CFO for the WOD suggestion

Done like the 12 Days of Christmas.  So: 1 deadlift/2 Hang Power cleans, 1 deadlift/3 Front Squats, 2 Hang Power Cleans, 1 deadlift…etc



Post time to Comments/LogWOD



X-tra Work:

None!  Hydrate!

Some you may need it more than others 🙂



Homework (Done outside of class time on your own):

Pick 1 mobility drill per poster, 3 min per drill

  1. […] is a spin on the 12 Days WOD we did for New Years (click here for a refresher).  Two big differences.  The weight has gone up from 95/65 to 135/95, and the […]

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