20160213- Saturday Partner WOD

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Team Med Ball Michael (teams of 2)

Three rounds for time of:

Run 800m

50 back extensions

50 sit-ups

Scaling Options

SX: no weight on back extension and sit ups, or move ball to chest on sit ups

20160212- Friday Open WOD

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Coach Eddie dropped into Route 66 Functional Fitness in Chandler, OK while sporting the TOTF colors. Send us your pictures of you sporting the colors and you may make the site and Facebook too.



Bike 10 miles (stationary bikes)

(Bring your own music)

Scaling Options

SX: Bike 7 miles

20160211- Thursday Open WOD

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Med ball clean review

Pull up progression

Courtesy of Crossfit HQ


21 med ball cleans (20/14#)

15 strict pull-ups

15 med ball cleans

12 strict pull-ups

9 med ball cleans

9 strict pull-ups

Scaling Options

SX: Med ball as needed; PU to Ring Row or Banded Pull-ups

Comp: 30/20# med ball

20160210- Wednesday Open WOD

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DU practice for 10 min

(Triple-under practice, if the DU Gods deem you worthy.)

Courtesy of Crossfit HQ


EMOM for 30 min

3 push press (.5 body-weight)

6 AbMat sit-ups

9 double-unders

Scaling Options

SX: PP – as needed, Ab mat SU – feet anchored, DU – 3:1 SU with an additional 10 min DU practice after WOD.  Since the reps are only 9 for RX, encourage folks to go RX even if they have to go single-single-double.

Comp: PP -.75 bodyweight, Ab mat – GHD, 18 DUs

20160209-Tuesday Open WOD

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OH squat practice (15 min)

Work up to a 5 RM


Five rounds for time of:

Row 400 meters

15 overhead squats (95/65)

Scaling Options

SX: OHS: 60% of 5RM

Comp: 135/95

20160208- Monday Open WOD

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Handstand push-ups

Practice HSPU and progressions

Courtesy of Freestyle Connection


Diane (10min time cap)


Deadlifts @ 225/155

Handstand push-ups

Scaling Options

SX: DL – 70% of 1RM, HSPU – 1 additional mat under head or seated DB press AHAP. Comp: – 315/220 DL and Deficit (or parallette) HSPU

20160206 – Saturday Community WOD

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Team Angie (Teams of 2-3)

100 pull-ups

100 push-ups

100 sit-ups

100 squats

Only one teammate working at a time. Teams must complete all of one movement before moving to the next.

(Compare to 5 Dec 15)

Scaling Options



Push-ups – HRPU

Sit-ups – GHD sit-ups

Squats – Pistols


P/U – Ring rows

Push-ups – On knees