Open Class Schedule


Open Class

Mon – 0600 and 1630

Tues – 0600 and 1630

Wed – 0600 and 1630

Thur – 0600and 1630

Fri –    0600

Sat – 0900

On-Ramp (when scheduled)

Mon – 0700

Wed – 0700

Fri – 0700

  1. Stacie says:

    I left a flyer for the WOD for Warriors with Team Red, White, and Blue on the white board for tomorrow’s workout. It has the wrong time on it though. John mentioned that we’re set for 0900, so I will be there, with my goodies, for the 0900 WOD tomorrow. Sorry for the confusion!

    Stacie Farrow
    Team RWB Omaha Chapter Leader

  2. Margaret Schiltz says:

    Is there still 1130 classes?

  3. Deborah Deppe says:

    Do you have trainers to train? I need one since I will be new to crossfit. I only want to do it maybe twice a week because I am training for duathlons, run in races, etc.


    Deborah Deppe

  4. Nicole says:

    Just wondering what the open classes are like! Is it something a total beginning could handle? What kind of stuff happens at the class?

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